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Our company used to use domestic reducers, but we are not satisfied with their performance. However, when we started to use GNORD’s reducers, we were impressed by their quality.
In particular, when GNORD’s reducers are applied to eight production lines exported to Saudi Arabia, they have been highly praised by customers for less heat and “zero” noise.
The customer gave us a thumbs up to express their affirmation and praised "CHINA! GOOD!" Such a praise heard from abroad, we feel the glory of our motherland.
From then on, we decided to appoint GNORD's reducers as our standard configuration of DEKUMA tube extrusion line.
Another memorable experience came during COVID-19 outbreak in China in the year 2020.
A production line we exported to Australia had been in use for two years, with GNORD's heavy-duty reducers which are still performing well.
The Australian customer recently reaffirmed the quality of the reducers.
In addition, when we dealt with the problems of equipment which was exported to Thailand, GNORD demonstrated excellent service attitude and response speed.
They sent us the replacement by air quickly and solved our problem when we had some difficulties in purchasing parts.
The customer in Thailand highly appreciated our service and speed of response and decided to designate all future orders under the GNORD brand.
We have been using reducers of GNORD brand since 1998 and have established a long-term partnership with GNORD for our products of profile production lines.
Over the years, GNORD has left us with the impression of "stability and reassurance". We were impressed when we made a visit to GNORD.
We saw in GNORD’s factory where technicians carefully checking the details of each part before assembly, wiping the gears and tooth shafts with non-woven fabrics.
These details show GNORD's strict requirements for product quality control. Base on this point, we are full of confidence in the quality of GNORD brand products.
We are convinced that it is the consistent control of quality of GNORD that wins our recognition and trust.
We have learned many valuable lessons from GNORD's quality control solutions and applied them to our own work.
    Excellent Quality & Service!
    Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products
    Excellent Quality & Service!
    Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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